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Tips to have more vitality in our training sessions during the winter

Sometimes when temperatures begin to drop and drop, it seems that a feeling of dejection and a certain lack of energy floods us. Sensation that sometimes comes as a result of the body taking time to adapt to the lack of light and weather changes. And it is that even, in winter, it could be […]

The importance of motivation for training

Motivation is an internal state that activates, directs, and maintains behavior. It is a term that comes from the Latin “motivus” (cause of movement). For Psychology, motivation implies internal states that direct the organism towards specific goals or ends. Encourage people to take certain actions and persist in achieving their goals. In this article we […]

The euphoria of the corridor

That physical exercise is healthy is something we all know. In addition to helping us to be better physically (it helps prevent many problems, including cardiovascular problems), it helps to recover from injuries, discomfort and pathologies. In addition, sport contributes to achieving greater emotional well-being . People who do physical exercise on a regular basis […]

Running or walking. The best activity to recharge yourself with energy

As we all know, physical activity stimulates the secretion of hormones responsible for a feeling of well-being. They are endorphins. A substance associated with physical pleasure that allows us to feel happiness, joy and even euphoria, also functioning as a natural analgesic, since it reduces the feeling of pain as well as anxiety and stress. […]