Your time is now

New purposes, new projects and many goals, but… how much motivation? This is the question and the key. Why is it so difficult for us to take the first step? Why isn’t today the “time” either?

We feel insecurity, laziness and fear. Why is it so uphill? Exercise in the open air, gyms… we are far away.

Well, there is a bit of everything. The reason on many occasions is, we already know, due to lack of motivation. Leaving the comfort zone is always an effort, a barrier to break down. It is because of this destabilization of the routine that it is so difficult for us to accept changes. The perfect time to start something never comes.

But it is also possible that the reason why it is so difficult for you to be physically active is not because of your lack of will, but because of the simple fact of who you are. In other words, those excuses with which you try to justify your sedentary life may have an explanation.

And it is that despite being very clear that sport only provides benefits both for health and for the state of Courage, there is still a significant part of the population that does not do any type of physical exercise.

It seems that it is due to a genetic condition or predisposition linked to the somatotype of each person. This argument was explained to BBC Mundo by Juan Francos Marco, a sports science graduate from the Alto Redamientos Center. “For someone endomorph, any physical activity is much more difficult than for a person from the ectomorph or mesomorph group, and that makes them more predisposed to lead a lazier life. If they exercise, it is more for a medical recommendation ”, he points out.

The psychologist Sherry Pagoto explained in her article ´The real reason why we do not exercise´, published in the magazine Psychology Today, that if it is difficult for us to do sports it is simply because of the uncomfortable situations that are generated and not by laziness.

This means that physical exercise has consequences that do not fall within our comfort zone. And it is that when we do sports we sweat, we get dirty, we get cold or hot, we get wet if it is outdoors and it rains, we get injured or we have to exercise in front of strangers in the gym.

Human beings are programmed to seek short-term rewards, so it is difficult for us to continue doing sports on a daily basis if we do not quickly achieve the results we want. For this reason, exercise is related to positive memories of sports to motivate us to continue practicing it.

You have the right

And let’s be clear. We all have the right not to exercise, to accumulate the fat we want, to have everything hurt every time you make efforts or to gasp when increasing the rate of your step.

Of course, you also have every right in the world to have the diseases you want as a result of your sedentary lifestyle, to be listless and bored with your life, even sometimes depressed. You even have the right to complain about doing nothing and look in the mirror and say “let’s see when I start doing something” or “how I would like to be more fit and get rid of that abdominal fat.

Really, is that your goal? Do nothing?

The time is now

Yes, you have already found the moment. It is right now. So get started now! Do not think about it, or justify anything. There is nothing that can change your decision. Do it!

The possibilities are many. Surely next to work, your home there is a gym or a personal trainer who can help and advise you, to tell you where to start.

It’s clear! The “comfort zone” protects us from extremes, but … Are we willing to sacrifice moments of maximum motivation, enthusiasm, adrenaline, happiness and success to avoid painful moments, sacrifice, defeat and failure?

Life is much more and you have to live it to the fullest. If you are not satisfied and want to achieve what you have always wanted, Personal Running wants to do its bit to help you achieve it.

But … What do I do?

SET YOUR GOAL : explore within yourself and find what you really want.

BE AWARE OF YOUR COST: once your goal has been decided, take into account the effort, time and / or changes that the route will entail to get it. Set short, medium and long term objectives. This will facilitate the achievement of the final goal, making the journey more motivating and enjoyable.

ASSIMILATE THE OBJECTIVE AND MAKE IT YOURS : be consistent with your decision and accept the objective as it is. Now you know what it means to make it possible. Trust your possibilities to get it.

SEARCH THE MEANS TO ACHIEVE IT : you have already assimilated your objective and it is time to find a way to achieve it. Depending on your objective, there will be different options:

  • Start by yourself: changing undesirable routines and introducing new healthy routines .
  • Join a group of people who do physical activity and exercise outdoors that you like or that lead the way of life you want.
  • Include online support from a professional to guide you towards your goal in a coherent and progressive way.
  • Be part of a training group for the sport you want, where you can share your passion in a fun way.
  • Having a personal trainer to guide you in training , helps you prevent injuries and, to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

SET A START DATE : the easiest way to beat laziness and get out of our” comfort zone “is setting a deadline and writing it down on the calendar. In this way, we can prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the chosen moment.

ATTITUDE IS THE BASIS : face change and start your activity with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and joy. Maintaining a positive attitude will help you enjoy the path to your goal, as well as making you feel better and happier.

CONSTANCE-PATIENCE-PERSEVERANCE : the key to fulfilling your purposes is to understand the time involved in each small step, be patient, believe in yourself and be persistent in training. Things done in a hurry and anxiety come and go, when things are done right, the results come and go.

ENJOY THE SMALL ACHIEVEMENTS: be fair to yourself, learn to enjoy and reward your little feats and the short-term goals you achieve. Your final wish will come and the more you’ve enjoyed the time to get it, the better.


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