Ejercicio y deporte para ayudar a mejorar nuestra energía y condición física

Exercise and sport to help improve our energy and physical condition

In this post we point out some aspects to take into account about physical activity and energy that can help improve physical performance. Sport, together with a correct diet, allows you to face any daily activity with vitality and without fatigue.

1. Physical activity can influence energy metabolism. A body used to physical exercise makes better use of oxygen and nutrients, which makes it easier to obtain and use energy. So it is important to start the day with energy; physical exercise is the best alarm clock for the cells to activate. They receive a healthy shower of endorphins that will make us feel more vital each morning.

2. It is proven that outdoor sport helps us feel better. Some studies indicate that moderate outdoor exercise is enough to boost self-esteem and feel good. And is that doing sports releases endorphins , that substance known as the hormones of happiness.

3. Our muscles need exercise, especially in these times when we spend eight hours sitting in front of the computer. We don’t want to be alarmist, but according to the WHO, physical inactivity costs € 48,438 million in direct health care. Lack of movement is a passport to suffer from diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes or breast or colon cancer, the origin of 71% of all deaths in the world, including that of 15 million people each year between the ages of 30 and 70. Therefore, doing some type of training will help us improve our energy and avoid irreparable consequences on our health.

4. Obviously, the energy required to perform physical exercise will depend on the type of sport that is performed. That is why it is important to have the help of a professional who knows perfectly how to adapt a training plan according to objectives and needs. In any case, what we do, if it is regular and adapted to progress, will be beneficial for health and vitality. It is necessary to choose a sport that we like and, always, with gradual challenges.

Ejercicio y deporte para ayudar a mejorar nuestra energía y condición física

5. Behaviors that represent a danger to the preservation of health are considered risk factors. Two of the main ones, with the greatest negative influence on chronic pathologies, are sedentary lifestyle and inadequate nutrition . Any physical activity involves an energy expenditure for our body, and each sport practice requires a specific energy intake depending on the type, intensity and duration of the exercise.

6. When doing sports we must increase the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates –rice, corn, flaked cereals, cookies, bread, pasta, potatoes, legumes – from the usual 55% to 70% of the total diet, since when the reserves are exhausted, the dreaded ‘pájara’ appears. Regarding proteins, it is not necessary to ingest extra amounts, and regarding fats, we will slightly decrease their percentage in the diet.

Physically active people enjoy a higher quality of life. It should also be remembered that a good rest and a good diet contribute to improving physical performance. Therefore, incorporating healthy habits on a daily basis will provide well-being and help maintain our health and vitality.

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