Training on vacation (on the beach or in the pool….)


The holidays are finally here and with them we go to the beach! What a desire to enjoy long days with nothing to do, relaxing in the sun, eating well and enjoying the beach that we long for all year.

At Personal Running we are the first to support rest and disconnection , however, stopping the activity completely can be counterproductive. Lack of mobility can lead us to feel permanently tired, lethargic, listless, and low in energy.


Yes, you heard right! Everything is possible, sunbathing, bathing, walking and TRAINING, it is only a matter of organizing yourself. In addition, you can encourage those of the family who find it most difficult to move to train with you, since the activities on the beach are endless and suitable for all audiences . In addition to enjoying a privileged environment to train, you can end the session with a cool bath that will leave you feeling like new and help with muscle recovery.

Now, What activities can be done at the beach or pool? We give you the ideas, you just have to choose! Remember that it is essential to start and end the session properly, with joint mobility exercises and dynamic stretching in the warm-up and static stretching in the cool down.

Stretching: Abd / adductor ballistic stretching

  • Joint mobility lower and upper body

  • Jogging 15 ‘along the beach (barefoot if you’re used to it or wearing slippers) or walking 25’. You can run along the promenade if you have one, through the hard and wet area if you are starting and through the dry sand if you are looking for a greater intensity).
  • 1x (5 running technique exercises + 2x 40 ”/ 30” progressive) / 1´
  • 3X (circuit of 2 lower limb exercises + 2 upper limb exercises + 1 abdominal exercise + 1 lumbar exercise) / 1´

* The entire circuit can be done only with exercises with TRX or with self-loading exercises or with exercises with rubber bands. A good option to give it more dynamism is to mix exercises with different devices in the same circuit. Both the trx and the rubber bands can be attached to any lamppost that you have within reach.

Self-loading: Lower arm (chest)

With Medicinal Gum

* We recommend that you vary the exercises you do and progress from 2 to 4 times the circuit. If your goal is to lose weight, you can jog between exercises.

  • 2x (4´running + 1x previous force circuit) / 1´
  • 2x (4´ swim + 1x previous force circuit) / 1´

* This modality that combines strength exercises with cardiovascular activity, has proven to be the most efficient when it comes to burning kilocalories.

* In the same way as in the previous session, you can progress the activity block 2-4 times.


* For lovers of endurance sports and for all triathletes, the beach becomes a high-performance center where you can swim in open water, ride a bike along the boardwalk and run.

  • Race : you can alternate extensive filming (30-50´ to 65%), with sessions of changes of pace (5x 4´ progressive every 1´) and sessions with changes of terrain (2´ to 60% for wet sand + 1´ to 80% for dry sand).
  • Open waters: you can practice exits and entries into the water (4x entry into the water running + 20 strokes at 80% outward + soft return), as well as extensive swimming (1.5-3km) or changes of rhythm in the water ( 3x 5´ (2.5´al 80%, 2.5´60%)).

* Completing the resistance sessions with abdominal and lumbar exercises will keep your core strong and stable , helping you improve your technique in the activity you do.

Abs and Lumbar

As you can see, there are a thousand options to choose from, the important thing is to organize and take the leap! We guarantee that you will like it and that it will help you face the day with more energy. Before going out, remind you that it is preferable to train first thing in the morning (when the sun is not yet hot), protect yourself from the sun with cream and a hat and always carry a bottle of water.

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