Author: Richard Vaber

Running or walking. The best activity to recharge yourself with energy

As we all know, physical activity stimulates the secretion of hormones responsible for a feeling of well-being. They are endorphins. A substance associated with physical pleasure that allows us to feel happiness, joy and even euphoria, also functioning as a natural analgesic, since it reduces the feeling of pain as well as anxiety and stress. […]

The less you move, the more tired you will be

Every time we are getting more used to our body to inactivity. We travel by car, take the elevator, television sessions, games or computer and mobile. We are suffering our bodies and closing them to a sedentary lifestyle that can bring fatal consequences. We have the false conviction that exercising is something very sacrificing and […]

Sports New Year’s resolutions: the key is to choose well

Happy 2020 , family! If you continue with us after all these months, we are 100% sure that part of your resolutions for this new year are closely related to sport . Therefore, and knowing from personal experience the difficulty of maintaining these goals, today we will talk about how to choose well some purposes […]

Exercise and sport to help improve our energy and physical condition

In this post we point out some aspects to take into account about physical activity and energy that can help improve physical performance. Sport, together with a correct diet, allows you to face any daily activity with vitality and without fatigue. 1. Physical activity can influence energy metabolism. A body used to physical exercise makes […]