Sports New Year’s resolutions: the key is to choose well

Happy 2020 , family! If you continue with us after all these months, we are 100% sure that part of your resolutions for this new year are closely related to sport . Therefore, and knowing from personal experience the difficulty of maintaining these goals, today we will talk about how to choose well some purposes that motivate us and can be fulfilled without giving up along the way.

Let’s go to give a few very precise keys , although all of them can be summarized in the same idea: the essential thing to achieve the objectives is, to a large extent, the adequacy of the objectives themselves, more than the effort one puts into achieving them. Obviously, this is also vital, but if the choice is correct everything will be much easier.

Choose realistic purposes

Get started The year with the firm intention to establish a sports routine is by no means a guarantee of achieving it. Neither is the fact of joining the gym on January 2, after a morning of shopping in which all the necessary clothing is purchased. “This year yes,” you say to yourself, and that phrase is also useless . But, if all that is useless, is it impossible to fulfill sporting purposes? Of course not.

As in many different areas, the key when reaching a goal is, neither more nor less, its accessibility . We live in a society in which we tend to aspire to the impossible and, although it is a valid strategy to achieve the improbable, it can also translate into frustration if it is not approached correctly. To give an example that comes to the case, we can talk about those people who want to start their sports life by joining the best gym in the city and trying to complete a highly demanding training plan. Most likely, within a few weeks or months, an activity that started with great impetus has been abandoned .

That said, and before moving on to the section in the that we will offer the advice that, from TiendaCulturista , seems more appropriate for your first steps, it seems vital to point out that the choice of objectives is as important -or more- than illusion put in them.

Three key factors


Fortunately, the sports offer in practically any Spanish city is vast , with very different options that can adapt to all kinds of tastes and personal preferences. In this context, it is easier to find a perfect sports discipline for you , but it also requires a little search that allows you to make an informed choice.

Finding the kind of physical activity that really motivates you is almost always synonymous with success in terms of meeting goals. For this reason, do not propose only “to do more sport this year”, specify the purpose in “to find the sport that I am passionate about and start practicing it”. Think about your main sports references or reflect on the discipline you enjoy the most when you see it on television; two factors that can be very useful when making the right decision.


Place the patience section right after passion is no accident. One of the problems, perhaps the only one, of starting a sports routine focused on a discipline you love is rushing . Hurry to get closer to the level you’ve been watching on television for a long time, rush to reach a point of perfection where you can enjoy the sport to the fullest; rush, in short, to advance at a faster rate than your body can maintain.

In this also the ability to choose plays a fundamental role, since you must propose short-medium-term goals that are realistic , so that their achievement does not involve overwork or anything like that. Don’t let the desire to improve be what dominates your workouts, because that will surely end badly.


On many occasions , the sporting purposes are perfectly formulated and, even so, they are not achieved. If something similar has happened to you, you should pay attention to the context surrounding your training, because the problem may be there.

There are people who need company to play sports, others prefer solitude ; some athletes need to feel the fresh air of the street and others are true lovers of gyms . These four distinctions are just the most generic, so you can start thinking about them before delving deeper into your training environment.

By creating a habit that is going to become a part important to your day-to-day life, you need the environment in which it takes place to be comfortable and pleasant, since, although it may not seem like it, it has a very high level of relevance in relation to results and experience.

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