Ejercicio y deporte para ayudar a mejorar nuestra energía y condición física

Burn fat on the January slope with just two exercises

Good morning! We are now reaching the final stretch of the first week after Christmas . These days of missing vacations, meetings with family and friends and the Christmas spirit; but also to finally rest and return to a calm rhythm of life . It is a week of transition , in which we reintroduce ourselves to our routines trying to get back on track quickly, a goal that, in sporting terms, is usually very difficult.

Going back to training after a vacation period is hard, much more if what we leave behind are a few weeks of excesses in all senses (eating, drinking, partying, etc.). In addition, the famous January slope looms at every corner and in the workplace it is time to start many annual projects. In other words, it is a difficult time , both for lack of form and for lack of time to dedicate to sport; Therefore, from TiendaCulturista we are going to teach you burn fat and maintain physical shape with just two simple exercises that you can do anywhere.

The difficulty of returning to the sports routine in January

January is a month full of contradictions. The list of good resolutions , in which there is surely some point referring to sports habits, contrasts with work stress —even vital — of starting the year: new tasks, projects to manage or simply a momentary increase in workload.

In such a context, it becomes very difficult to establish a routine of physical activity consistent and with a sufficiently frequent training frequency. It is something that can be very frustrating, since it gives the feeling that, for very good intentions with which the year starts, the rush of day to day does not allow us to fulfill any of them. However, there are solutions for everything.

The fitness revolution, which has brought this sport to the top of the most practiced, has led to many advances of all kinds. From the proliferation of gyms to the increase in professional nutritionists, through improvement and customization of training types . This last phenomenon is what interests us, insofar as it is responsible for one of the most extraordinary realities of fitness: there is a workout for each person.

The ability to adaptation that has been achieved is practically maximum, with a malleability that adjusts to goals, demands, aptitudes, machine arrangement, personal preferences and, of course, lack of time .

The routine that we are going to propose today, from TiendaCulturista , has a duration of less than 30 minutes . In fact, depending on the intensity and the demands of each person, it can be completed in a very, very short period of time. These are two exercises that, well performed several times a week, achieve such essential goals as burning fat and increase in physical fitness at the generic level. It is important to note that the number of series and repetitions, as well as the training pace, are 100% customizable , so you must adapt them to your characteristics and your goals. Some personal trainers recommend, as a standard, the 2/10/10 ratio: 2 exercises, 10 reps, 10 sets.

A two-exercise routine that you can do anytime, anywhere

Exercise 1: Burpees. Start in an upright position. Bring your hands to the ground, support them, and with a small jump, bring your feet back into a push-up or push-up position. At that point, do a full push-up and, When you are raising your body to finish it, take advantage of the momentum to take another leap with your feet, bring them into your arms and stand up. Instead of standing, maintain the momentum that carries you upward and perform a vertical jump with your hands above your head. The moment you land from that jump, chain the movement with one more repetition: bringing your hands back to the ground, etc.

Exercise 2: Mountain climber. Rest both hands on the floor, arms fully stretched out. Your torso should form a straight line and your legs should also be straight, with the front of the feet resting on the ground. The exercise consists of successively bringing the right knee towards the right elbow and then the left knee towards the left elbow. It’s a similar feeling to trying to run on site, so the more intensity you put in, the better. Reps are counted every other movement, so that both legs work at the same level.

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